Vital Things to Follow for Cleaning and Maintaining a Septic Tank

Maintaining a Septic Tank

In a household sewage system, it is vital to remove waste products along with dirty water. To perform this task, most homeowners take the help of septic tanks. These tanks are primarily made of either plastic or concrete. The tank generally possesses an outlet that connects the field lines buried in the yard.

The Cleaning Mechanism of Septic Tanks: Key Points

The solid waste in the septic tank first settles out and starts to decompose with the help of anaerobic bacteria. As the treatment is performed regularly, there is a chance the tank may get worn out. Therefore, the homeowners need to keep an eye on its maintenance and upkeep.

How to Take Care of Your Septic Tank System?

Before you buy a plastic septic tank in Kenya, it is important to learn about its cleaning requirements. To get a detailed take, you can read the following section of this blog.

Maintain Drain Field by Disposing of the Waste:

This is the primary task, where you must first dispose of the waste safely and responsibly. You must not put waste items that are unsuitable for draining down a septic tank system. It is worth remembering that the toilet is not a dustbin. You cannot throw certain things inside; otherwise, it will block the drain line. To make the toilet work properly, you must maintain the drain field.

Utilise Water Effectively:

Water is an important agent in treating waste materials in the septic tank. However, you must ensure responsible use of water while using the toilet. Not only will this present the chance of tank overflow, but it will also reduce water wastage. On average, a property with a single-family generally uses 70 gallons of water per person. You should try to maintain a balance and use water responsibly to help the septic tank run for longer.

Regular Inspection and Frequent Pumping is Necessary:

You must place the septic tank at a prominent location on your property. It should be located easily so that you can inspect it frequently. You can call the cleaning experts annually or bi-annually to check the tank’s condition. They should also maintain a pumping schedule and inform you about the next checking date.

By following these tips, you will be able to maintain a domestic septic tank system. To purchase it from a reliable source, you can contact Roto Moulders Limited. We are a premier manufacturer of plastic septic tanks in Kenya. For more information, you can visit our website today.


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